Bink plays SLAPS!!!!

Legendary producer Bink! plays beats for half of what would later become the Slaughterhouse crew. While this isnt really a beat-making video, listen as Bink! plays amazing beat after beat for Joe and Royce, who, not long before this video were actually taking shots at each other.  I bought the slaughterhouse album as a result of seeing this video, only to discover that Bink had no songs on it.  But I wasnt too angry because if you check for the end of this video Bink plays an amazing beat that he intended for Jay and notes that he "Hadnt gone to see Hov yet!!".  So that piqued my anticipation again until I checked the Blueprint 3 credits and noticed no mention of Bink....Well, 2011 is looking much better for the VA legend as he already has huge placements for Kanye West, Jamie Fox, and Rick Ross.  Hopefully many more are on the horizon!

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