Grammy Award Winner S1

I'm sure anybody who has managed to stumble on to this blog is fully aware of S1. Amazing person, mult-platinum/Grammy Award winning producer that has placed incredible music with the likes of Jay-z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Little Brother, and too many others to name in this blog entry. In this vid we are blessed to be able to see him showcase several pieces of music he is working on. S1 is no stranger to incorporating live instrumentation in his production. Most of us are familiar with his frequent co-producer Caleb who is a beast on keys, but this vid showcases S1 working with some dope guitarists and a violinist. Must see.

Cardiak creates "Rise"

Jersey native Cardiak has been absolutely DESTROYING the charts for the last few years, whether you've noticed or not.  He's been landing placement after placement and deservedly so, this man has a work ethic that is hard to match.  His versatility allows him to appeal to almost all sub-genres of hip hop.  This particular vid showcases him creating a lush, elegant, yet aggressive piece of music that would go on to become "Rise" for the MMG squad.  This guy is going to be a legend...watch.

Bink + mp3000 = !!!!


The Legendary Binkdog at it again.  This time the VA legend gives us a long awaited glimpse into his creative process as he chops and programs a sample, keys a bassline in, and sequences an amazingly soulful slap.  Dope vid!


Jermaine Dupri and Brian Michael Cox in the Lab

Great vid of Jermaine Dupri and Brian Michael Cox crafting a pair of beats for Anthony Hamilton's latest project. We get a pretty good glimpse at their workflow. I love listening to these guys studio banter. Very informative. Plus any vid containing somebody chopping and programming samples on an mpc3000 is a good one.


Vanderslice Beats

in this clip, ill producer Eric Vanderslice showcases a few gems.  The SP606 has relatively low key existence but Vanderslice has mastered the unit and manages to use it to twist out his dark, menacing, signature sound.  If you're not up on big homey do yourself a favor and check some of his stuff!


Bink! working on a beat for the MMJB

BINK! X MMJB: Session from Michael Béon on Vimeo.

Bink! workin on a track for the Money makin Jam boys. Bink slappin greatness out of the mpc3000 as always.

Questlove Flips a sample and (SURPRISE) plays drums over it!

Legendary drummer for of the Roots gives you a rare glimpse into his production process. Watch as he uses a beat machine called the drums. He goes on to explains the lengths he has to go to in order to get a Michael Phillips Thomas sample to sound ill. Questo also gives us a good look at his drum-tech as he makeshift-mic's the drums with electric tape. Its great to see the process of people playing live drums over production. Love it

Check out the flip below!!!!



Mphazes Beatmaking Workshop (Tutorial pt 1)

Amazing Australian based producer Mphazes demonstrates a track during a recent Production workshop he conducted in South Africa. This act of selflessness allowed Mphazes to act as an ambassador for authentic hip hop and explain how we can all share a passion for music that expands beyond nationality, color and creed.

He also took the time out to showcase some amazing beats. Please enjoy!:


Evidence making a beat

Nice lil clip of Evidence (of Dilated Peoples)making a beat that would go on to become "Kindness for weakness" from Dilated Peoples second lp "20/20". Nice to see footage of the ASR-10 being worked on. Very dope machine.


Dwele making a beat...song

Very innovative clip of soulful Motor City genius Dwele creating a conceptual production based video that evolves into a very soulful vignette. Very Creative, but what else would you expect from Dwele.