Mphazes Beatmaking Workshop (Tutorial pt 1)

Amazing Australian based producer Mphazes demonstrates a track during a recent Production workshop he conducted in South Africa. This act of selflessness allowed Mphazes to act as an ambassador for authentic hip hop and explain how we can all share a passion for music that expands beyond nationality, color and creed.

He also took the time out to showcase some amazing beats. Please enjoy!:


Evidence making a beat

Nice lil clip of Evidence (of Dilated Peoples)making a beat that would go on to become "Kindness for weakness" from Dilated Peoples second lp "20/20". Nice to see footage of the ASR-10 being worked on. Very dope machine.


Dwele making a beat...song

Very innovative clip of soulful Motor City genius Dwele creating a conceptual production based video that evolves into a very soulful vignette. Very Creative, but what else would you expect from Dwele.


Ryan Leslie makes "Maybachs and Diamonds"

In this widely viewed video Ryan Leslie effortlessly creates a soulful 80's tinged sound-bed, complete with some amazing analogue synth riffs, for Rick Ross to weave an elegant narrative to.  Very interested to see where this song ends up as it seems to have missed Ross's "Deeper than Rap" and "Teflon Don" lps.


Boola chopping a sample on the 3000

Short but sweet. Boola, (Young Chris, Neef, Beanie Siegal, Freeway, and a slew of other Roc affiliates) chops up a sample in his trusty mpc 3000. Not a whole lot of content here, but I always find it interesting to see somebody chopping on the 3k. Love that machine!


Bink Interview

in this interview Bink explains his influences, production equipment and process. He also speaks briefly about how he incorporates live instrumentation into his tracks. Something that he is employing increasingly lately. Very dope vid from PMPWORLDWIDE.COM


More King Karnov

Once again, King Karnov! This dude is impressive. Straight up. In this clip, Karnov gives us a brief interview after playing a BANGER! Bonus points to anybody who can identify the synth at the 0:57 second mark.